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Stories with Spice:
Bypass the cringe and bring the smoulder

Join award-winning contemporary fiction writer Anne Freeman in a spirited exploration of what makes a successful spicy scene and how to craft one. During this one hour, interactive workshop, participants will gain an increased understanding of their ideal reader and how to cater to their desires using the fundamentals of good writing.  

Melbourne writers, view upcoming workshops here or if you would like me to run a workshop in your area, please contact me and I will reach out to your local library about hosting one!

Stories with Spice Workshop.png

Sarah, writer and editor

'Fun, fabulous, and full of information and inspiration for writers of all ability levels. The interactive aspects of the workshop, and Anne's delightful demeanour, made it feel less of a lecture and more like having a conversation with an old (very knowledgeable) friend. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to any writer looking to put a little more spice in their lives—or books!

Simone, writer

'The best workshop I’ve been to in ages! Anne’s expert tips can help you use spice to develop your characters’ authenticity and motivation, while moving your story forward. Highly recommended!'

  Josie, author

'An absolute game-changer! Not only informative but a ton of fun, Anne took us on a spirited exploration of what makes a successful spicy scene and how to craft one. The workshop was engaging and enlightening and Anne’s passion for storytelling is contagious. Her expertise left me feeling inspired and motivated to take my writing to the next level. If you’re a writer looking to bring the smoulder to your stories, I highly recommend checking it out. You won’t be disappointed!'

Kelly, writer

'This workshop is fun and fabulous! Anne got me thinking about who I was writing for and how different types of characters would behave in the bedroom. So interesting. Also loved this reminder, “The antidote to cliché is originality.” Superb!'

  Amanda, writer

'Anne’s spicy writing workshop definitely delivered. It was fun, engaging and informative.

I learnt so much in a short time and came away with renewed confidence to incorporate romance and spice into my writing.'

Rina, avid reader, could be writer

'Recently, I hot-footed it to Stories With Spice and boy was it fun! Anne is not only a wonderful storyteller but a brilliant teacher and is highly entertaining and engaging. As well as bringing the non cringey spice, she also discussed inclusion, sensitivity and where the other leg goes! I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.'

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